Carex Sweden blends almost 100 native plants, mostly from Anatolia, with Sweden's natural thermal waters and scientific cosmetics. Made from carefully harvested, seasonal plants grown in natural conditions and selected from responsible resources, all special Carex recipes are dermatologically and clinically tested.

Using eco-ethical analysis, the company creates special blends and harnesses science to transform them into health and beauty products that skillfully combine nature and science. Today, Carex Sweden has a presence in 35 countries with four brands – Bionnex, Uvela, Dr. Oil and Celenes by Sweden – providing various chemical-free herbal and organic solutions for different hair and skin problems. After starting its journey with the establishment of Carex R&D Laboratories in 2010, the brand has passed numerous significant milestones. Bionnex Organica was launched in 2011 after detailed product development and trial activities. In 2013, the Perfederm Dry and Damaged Skin Cure range was developed and launched as the first Bionnex skin range. In 2014, the Preventiva sun protection range was introduced to consumers. In the following year, the success story continued with Acnederm and Whitexpert acne and skin blemish solutions. In 2016, the Sensitiva product range for sensitive skins was introduced along with mother-and-baby brand Uvela. In 2018, the head office was moved to Sweden, opening a new chapter along the journey to the heart of nature and science. After consolidating its success with Bionnex, the only product range in the “Dermo-Organic” category offering 100% organic solutions for hair and skin problems, the brand continues its journey in the Quality Natural Cosmetics Category with Celenes by Sweden.

We have a worldwide presence with solutions that combine nature and science.