Celenes By Sweden

Produced with the Carex Sweden guarantee, Celenes by Sweden was the first representative of the “Premium Natural Cosmetics” category. Inspired by the thermal and herbal natural resources of Sweden, it is made especially for women, who carry healing power in their souls.

Celenes by Sweden takes its power from the nature and purity of Sweden’s natural thermal waters, providing fortifying, refreshing care with vitalizing Birch extract.

  • Sweden’s respectful approach to nature and the natural
  • Rich herbal content, natural thermal waters
  • Strict reliability tests

For Celenes By Sweden corporate website: www.celenesbysweden.com

A product range developed and inspired by nature and by Sweden's trustworthy approach to cosmetics, which values nature and people.

Celenes by Sweden is made for self-confident, nature-respecting, humanistic, health-conscious, creative, graceful, selective, energetic yet calm souls.

Carex Sweden bases all its operations on nature and science, perfecting all proprietary recipes in laboratory tests carried out in compliance with European standards. Ultra-dependable products are formulated with strict reliability tests.