Bionnex Dermo Organic Laboratories combine nature’s inspiration with science. Bionnex offers solutions that consist of 100% natural ingredients for the first time in the world, consolidating the power of mostly native plants with strict reliability tests. As the world’s first representative of the Dermo Organic Category, Bionnex offers consumers natural beauty from highly reliable products that provide completely herbal, chemical-free solutions to hair and skin problems.
  • 100% natural herbal ingredients
  • Eco-ethical analysis
  • Strict reliability tests
For Bionnex corporate website:
As the first "Dermo Organic" product range in the world, Bionnex products contain zero chemicals and only organic ingredients that are dermatologically and clinically tested. Completely eco-friendly 100% herbal ingredients are subjected to laboratory tests, achieving the utmost results.
Bionnex respects both nature and the natural. Eco-ethical analysis allows seasonal harvesting to be carried out without depleting resources, bringing nature to those who seek the most natural products.
All ingredients of the Bionnex range of products are produced by Bionnex Dermo Organic Laboratories, offering consumers a natural formula for health and beauty.